Study Booklets

This user friendly publication of popular articles on LWF’s themes for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation being marked in 2017 offers key insights by Lutheran thinkers from across the seven LWF regions and from some of our important ecumenical partners. It is designed to serve as study material for pastors, members of different church-related networks, and interested lay Lutherans and church committees planning the thematic work of their churches as they approach the 2017 anniversary.

The booklet addresses the question “What is the role of Lutheran churches today?” and highlights some of the thinking behind LWF’s global programs such as the Global Young Reformers Network, Women in Church and Society, the Hermeneutics program, interfaith relations, advocacy, ecumenical relations, diaconal and humanitarian work.

This is viewed through the lens of the main theme of the anniversary—“Liberated by God’s grace”—and the sub-themes: “Salvation – not for sale”, “Human beings – not for sale” and “Creation – not for sale.” There are six articles and one Bible study per theme, as well as study questions.

The materials will be available in English, French German and Spanish.


Study booklets:

Liberated by God's Grace

Salvation - not for sale

Human beings - not for sale

Creation - not for sale