Freedom and Responsibility | Christian and Muslim Explorations

How can Christian and Muslim ethical and theological reflection contribute to the wider discourse on human beings and actions, freedom and responsibility? The essays in this book given an account of the potential for fostering freedom and responsibility from Christian and Muslim perspectives.

The contributions in this book honestly name complex and often conflictual realities and point to seeds of hope in our societies and religious communities, thus deepening the understanding of human agency and freedom from a faith perspective. Reflections on basic anthropological and theological questions enhance the commitment jointly to work for the common good. They entail the promise of further dialogue on existential human and theological questions. 

Program: Public Witness and Interfaith Relations

Editors: Simone Sinn, Martin Sinaga

Publication Series: LWF Studies

Number in Series: Volumne 1

ISBN: 978-3-905676-99-9


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2017 - Church of the Lutheran Reformation