Global Young Reformers Network – Website Launched

Members of the Young Reformers’ Steering Committee connecting to the social network. Photo: LWF/ C. Richter

Connecting Youth in the Worldwide Communion

(LWI) – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Global Young Reformer’s Network has launched their website. Under the URL, youth from the Lutheran communion worldwide are invited to connect and engage in discussions and projects.

The Global Young Reformer’s Network is a program facilitated by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). A global network of young Lutherans, it is meant to engage youth who are active in shaping the life of the Lutheran churches. “As we journey towards the 500 anniversary of the Lutheran reformation in 2017, we want to empower young people to be engaged in all aspects of church and communion life. The Global Young Reformers Network will show what it means to be an “ecclesia semper reformanda” – a church in on-going reformation”, Caroline Richter, the LWF Youth Secretary, explains.

The Website provides information on the activities of the Global Young Reformer’s Network leading up to the 500 years reformation anniversary 2017. Activities include the Virtual Conference on reformation Day (31 October) 2014 and the “Workshop Wittenberg” in Germany in August 2015. It also informs about the Steering committee, representatives from the 7 LWF regions who will prepare program themes and guide the network building process. The network is part of the LWF activities surrounding the 2017 reformation anniversary.

Youth from all over the world are invited to sign up to the dedicated Young Reformers social network and exchange good practice examples, projects and ideas about church life today. The first activity will be to share experiences around the question: “What are you freed from/ freed to by your faith?”

 “This is your space to meet, discuss, be informed Lutherans and become Lutheran communion,” LWF Youth Secretary Caroline Richter says. “I invite you to discover it, use it and make it your own!”