2017 Logo

The logo for the LWF Twelfth Assembly and Reformation 2017 – the “2017 logo” – takes up the thematic focus for this phase of the LWF communion journey: “Liberated by God’s Grace.”

The logo emblem visually links with both previous Assembly logos and the LWF visual identity.

The logo comes in a version for the Reformation Anniversary and a version for the 2017 Assembly, each with a corresponding tagline.

2017 Logo - LWF Twelfth Assembly

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2017 Logo - Reformation 2017

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The logo adapts the LWF global color scheme to the Namibian context, with the color combination blue/orange/green reflecting the blue/red/green of the Namibian flag.

The Namibian colors symbolize the sea (blue) which flows into the dunes and desert (orange). The orange/red also symbolizes the people of Namibia standing together.

The green represents the grassland and agricultural resources.

In between the symbols is the color white, which in the Namibian flag represents peace and unity.

The blue and the green come from the LWF global logo in which blue is the color of eternal hope. It is also the color of water, where Christian faith through baptism is offered to us by the grace of God.

The green color denotes life, growth, renewal and our compassion and care for creation – we are liberated by God’s grace to serve.

The Cross

We are saved by grace through faith. Our faith in the crucified Christ is at the core of our identity. This is represented by the cross in the 2017 logo.

The element of the cross was used in previous Assembly logos. Its design in the 2017 logo intentionally recalls that of past Assembly logos to show the rootedness of the Reformation Anniversary and Assembly 2017 in the LWF’s history.

The Luther Rose

The Luther Rose is present – representing our confessional roots and underpinning all that we do – but is not dominant in the 2017 logo. This reflects that we want the 2017 anniversary to be ecumenically accountable.

The Dove

The dove represents God’s covenant and the Holy Spirit which we have been given by the grace of God and which moves us on our faith journey.

The Hands

The hands reach up; they are freed hands, liberated to serve God and our neighbor. They communicate movement – we are a communion not only of reformation but in reformation.